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Live Trading • Trade Alerts • Indicators

Live market trading, trade alerts with real time explanations, custom indicators and automated programs. No matter how you like to trade, I make it simple, you make it successful.

Rated 5/5 

Simple trade planning. Successful trading.

It doesn’t have to take all your time, or cost a lot of money.

  • Live Trading Room – daily live market experience. ($97 Value)
  • Trade Alerts – trade ideas and training all in one place. ($27 Value)
  • Update your skills and learn new techniques. ($297 Value)
  • Custom indicators make you smarter, and programs save you time. ($67 Value)

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Live Trading

Jennifer delivers relevant analysis and lessons, improvised with the current day’s live market.

Trade Alerts

Trade ideas and analysis for trade planning throughout the week. Interactive charts and stats for trade planning.


Custom indicators confirm points of entry, targets and trading strategy. Automation is also available.

Customers Reviews

2 reviews for Total Access

  1. Susan Shears

    If you are in Jennifer’s Live Trading Room (LTR), she will clarify and improve your understanding of price patterns. And using her distinct trading method, the Simply Combo – Hopper, will further simplify this understanding. During these morning sessions, she takes the time to thoroughly explain price and charting in such a way that the patterns on the charts will eventually become obvious and very tradeable. And charting knowledge in combination with the Hopper indicator is a recipe for success. If you want to learn the foundations of trading and ultimately start making easy pips then you are at the right place. The LTR with Jennifer is my trading home.
    Susan S.

  2. Anastasia Kokonezi


    You have developed one of the most powerful Forex systems I’ve ever seen that also has stood the test of time. It is a beautiful thing to see the reppeatable patterns unfold and hit the targets. It doesn’t matter how long it’s passed or what crisis we are in, this system works. It’s brilliant. You are helping so many people. I feel so grateful to have met you.

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