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We’re Here To Help

If you have a question, I have an answer. Please check below for frequently asked questions, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to use the form below to drop me a line. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.



How can I get Jennifer’s trade ideas?2022-02-15T13:54:31-06:00

Sign up for Trade Alerts+ and each week Jennifer will send you a text or email outlining her trade setups and logic. Text message is the fastest way to get the specific trade parameters, sometimes a picture of the trade setup, and a link to the post where all the details are outlined, including an interactive Trade Detailer calculator, screenshots and explanation of the setup, live chart and everything you need to evaluate the trade setup for yourself.

Why should I join? What makes Forex Trade Planners different?2022-01-29T09:23:04-06:00

This is an inexpensive way to see for yourself how to correctly analyze a chart and find a good reason to open or close a trade. Get good trade ideas from Jennifer every week, as you learn to find them for  yourself. Get updates from Jennifer, and learn how to evaluate your trade ideas with custom calculators and strategies for anticipating market behavior, timing and how long it is likely to take. You should join if you are serious about trading and want to create a trading plan for yourself that you can implement week after week. When you treat Forex trading like it’s your business and not just your hobby, you find your way to a success in Forex.

Who is Jennifer?2022-01-29T09:23:15-06:00

Jennifer Thornburg is a currency trader who has developed her trading strategy with the use moving averages and the MACD indicator. She plans her trades with an expectation about market behavior and timing, by tracking the flow of repeatable patterns in market movements. Jennifer has taught her strategies to thousands of people in the past 15 years. She also develops trading software, leads a live trading room, and occasionally offers private mentorship.

How does membership to Trade Alerts+ work?2022-02-15T13:57:06-06:00

When you sign up for Trade Alerts+  you will be asked to input your mobile device number and/or email address. A text message and email are sent when new trade ideas are posted. The text message is the fastest way to get the specific trade parameters, sometimes a picture of the trade setup, and a link to the post where all the details are outlined, including an interactive Trade Detailer calculator, screenshots and explanation of the setup, live chart so you can see how the market has moved since the trade idea was posted, and Jennifer’s curated Twitter list providing pertinent in-the-moment headlines. Everything you need to evaluate the trade idea is at your fingertips. Additionally, you will have access to Jennifer’s custom indicators and programs, as well as an archive of trading lessons.

Is this a Forex signal service?2022-02-15T13:55:43-06:00

Trade ideas are clearly explained including the logic for the pattern, the points of entry, additional profit targets, stop loss planning and what to do if the trade loses. A custom Trade Detailer calculator, live chart, headlines, and economic calendar events are posted with each trade idea to help the trader fully evaluate the trade idea before choosing to take it. Updates and market-related messages are also sent to help you stay informed. This is far more detailed and personal and educational than an FX signal service.

Is Trade Alerts+ just for people in the US?2022-02-15T13:57:27-06:00

All are welcome! We identify the patterns and plan for the possible trade setup well in advance, so even if you live in another time zone, very often you will still get the information in time to use it.

I’m not getting text messages, what should I do?2022-02-15T13:57:35-06:00

If you have an active Trade Alerts+ membership, click on My Account in the top menu bar, then click Notification Settings. If you already entered your phone number, try entering it again, being careful to add your country code first. Example: +15554445555. No spaces or dashes.

How many trade ideas will I get if I sign up?2022-01-29T09:31:34-06:00

Jennifer makes all her trading preparation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, between 7:00 and 11:00 am Eastern time. Jennifer looks for about 1 to 3 trade setups a week, which can be anywhere from 30 to 100 pips.

How can I get notifications by text message and email?2022-02-15T13:59:29-06:00

Active Trade Alerts+ members can get notifications by email or text message. Click on My Account in the top menu bar, then click Notification Settings. 

What is the cancelation policy?2022-01-21T14:09:53-06:00

Payments are non-refundable, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.  Click on My Account in the top menu. From there you can change details of your profile or cancel your subscription when you no longer need it.


What is Trade Alerts+ Membership?2022-02-15T14:00:15-06:00

Trade Alerts+ members get Jennifer’s trade ideas by text message and email. The Trade Alerts page includes the interactive Trade Detailer calculator to help you analyze the trade idea for potential costs, risks and potential gain. Members also get 3 hours a week of live trading/training in the weekly webinars. Members get access to Jennifer’s custom programs and indicators including The HopperMACD, The Button, Simply Combo Indicator, HopperDirectX, and more. New lessons posted several times throughout the year. You no longer have to pay for individual items because Jennifer included everything you need to be successful in one membership.


When can I connect with Jennifer?2022-01-22T07:02:44-06:00

Live webinars happen Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9:00 am Eastern Time (GMT-5). Get real-time demos and answers to your questions about the market, trading strategy and current trade setups as they are happening. Find the webinar registration link on the Trade Alerts page in the left sidebar. A new link is available for you at the beginning of each month. No extra charge.

What If I miss the webinar?2022-02-15T14:00:47-06:00

Trade Alerts+ members are welcome to attend all the Live Trading webinars. They are not recorded because they are meant to be live, and attendance is optional. You can review trade ideas at your convenience in the Trade Alerts area. They are greyed out when completed, so you can quickly assess which trades ideas are current.


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