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Jennifer Forex - Trade With Me

The Way To Trade

A reliable strategy for finding one good trade setup almost every day.

The Way To Trade

(5 customer reviews)

If you want to break the cycle of win-then-lose, and never getting past break-even in your trading, then this class is for you. What it comes down to is your ability to read a chart and identify what you know, and what you don’t know yetIn this class you will learn methods for identifying repetition in Forex price movements. Trade with consistently positive results, week after week.

If you like the fast moving markets such as Forex, futures, or crypto, I have some things to tell you that will make a big difference in your trading. What it comes down to is your ability to read a chart and identify what you know, and what you don’t know yet..

The Way To Trade is a 15-hour course, (a $3,000 value). I will teach you a process for successful trading that is surprisingly simple, repeatable, and reliable. You will know when and why to open a trade, and you’ll be able to estimate how much it will produce and how long it will take. 

My proven process will keep you on track, so you take the right trades at the right time, and you have a reason not to trade at the wrong time, which is ultimately the trader’s dilemma. 

You will learn to take meaningful information from price charts which is applicable across all markets. It starts with an understanding of what the market is doing now, and finding the point where you can reliably and consistently anticipate what it will do next.

The Power Trade

After learning my techniques for gaining meaningful information from your charts, I’ll teach you The Power Trade. This is more than a strategy, it’s a process for taking what you know from a higher time frame chart, and looking for a specific point of entry on a short-term chart between 7:00 am and 11:00 am Eastern Time. 

You will learn a money management formula for planning trade size that allows you to safely maximize your available funds for optimal trading power. When you learn to be consistent in your trading practice, your leveraged trades will produce a return you can be proud of. 

I’ve created cheat-sheets and custom calculators so the information is at your fingertips when you need it. Remove the guess-work, and make trading your business, not just a hobby or side hustle. 

When everyone else is saying “GO GO GO!”, Jennifer says “Wait”, and explains why in a way that’s hard to argue with. When others say “MORE!” Jennifer says “Enough”, and that has made all the difference.

“Jennifer has single-handedly turned my trading around completely. I no longer jump haphazardly into the market and hope for the best, but rather wait patiently for carefully chosen setups with high success probability.”

Trade Alerts+

You will get 6 months of my Trade Alerts+ membership (a $582 value).  With Trade Alerts+, I do the heavy lifting for you: Every morning I’ll send you a text message identifying the starting point for The Power Trade, in addition to any other technical setups that I’m watching throughout the week, as well as updates as the setup changes or the trade progresses. 

Your Highest Potential

This class is for Forex traders who want to get the maximal benefit from their trading account, with minimal investment of time. Forex is the greatest opportunity in trading with a path for repeatable success, the lowest costs, and the highest potential for growth when you follow a systematic process for trading.

Course Outline

Approximately 15 hours.

  1. Introduction
  2. Trends And Ranges Tell A Story
  3. Anticipate the Trend
  4. Anticipate the Range
  5. MACD Hopper Strategy
  6. MACD Signals with Patterns
  7. Practice with the Patterns, Live
  8. Trade Entries and Exits
  9. Bar Counts, Sweet Spots, and Lulls
  10. Money Management Planning
  11. The Love of Money
  12. The Power Trade
  13. The Way to trade, Final Review
  14. Tips, Tricks, and Advanced Techniques

Support From Jennifer

The Way To Trade includes access to me live, 3 hours a week for 6 months at the live weekly trading webinars. I provide live, interactive meetings three times a week to help guide you through the process as you gain experience and become an expert on your own. During the live sessions I take questions, review strategy, and  help you identify setups in the active markets. Benefits of membership include Trade Alerts text and email messages, custom Metatrader4 indicators and programs, and more.


What my Clients Say

The Power Trade is awesome. I can’t wait for next week.

Jennifer’s analysis of EURUSD direction in The Power Trade using the 4-hr was extremely helpful.
I struggled with the part about not trading setups that went against the 4-hr direction, but am glad I had the restraint to do so. Having zero losses is a good outcome for me!
Jen’s text message is very helpful because it narrows down the uncertainty. For example the message on Thurs was extremely helpful as it gave multiple possible scenarios and what to watch for so we are ready for entry.
I review Jennifer’s analysis after I  look at the charts and make my own notes. Jen’s information is helpful in pointing out things I hadn’t considered and also in increasing confidence that I am seeing the market similarly.

I was able to determine market direction early in the morning before getting Jennifer’s text message, and the text confirmed my own analysis. The text provided more detail and helped me learn more about how to do this on my own.

This week I had only one small trade but it was a sideways market. But no losses!  I am adjusting to this trading pace. I have always been more comfortable scalping, because I knew I could always take additional small trades. This system forces me to be patient and wait for very high quality setups, which is a skill I need to develop. Awesome!
This week I lost a few pips, but what WAS successful about it was the fact that Jennifer’s Power Trade strategy kept my losses minimal and kept me from overtrading, which has been my downfall, especially after a loss or 2.
Jennifer Forex text messages give me signs to look for that are helpful to me.
Jennifer’s text confirms what I believe is current market direction when I am looking for trades to trade. It’s worth it!

5 reviews for The Way To Trade

  1. C.R.

    I’ve been in her live trading group for 2 years. She explains her strategies in an articulate, relatable manner. Attending her live trading webinars gains an overview of the market day and trade plan, supported by guidance and knowledge. The group connects me to a community of really great people. I’ve been able to achieve consistent results.

  2. A.K.

    Jennifer is one of the smartest, most genuine and consistently successful traders I’ve known and believe me I’ve been out there. Most of us students have been with her for 10+ years and it never gets old or boring. Her Live Room sessions are masterclasses. She has the ability to take the market apart and break it down to simple pieces with specific rules so we can anticipate its moves before they happen and take small chunks out of it.
    She really cares about her students’ well being and success and goes out of her way to make sure everybody is on the same page making consistent pips.
    The Way to Trade is her finest work yet and it still blows my mind of how accurate it is during this market’s volatility. She has completely revolutionized the way I trade and will continue to trade moving forward.

  3. S.S.

    If you are in Jennifer’s Live Trading Room (LTR), she will clarify and improve your understanding of price patterns. And using her distinct trading method, the Simply Combo – Hopper, will further simplify this understanding. During these morning sessions, she takes the time to thoroughly explain price and charting in such a way that the patterns on the charts will eventually become obvious and very tradeable. And charting knowledge in combination with the Hopper indicator is a recipe for success. If you want to learn the foundations of trading and ultimately start making easy pips then you are at the right place. The LTR with Jennifer is my trading home.

  4. J.A.

    Jennifer’s trading system is clear, effective, and easy to learn. I no longer chase questionable setups, I now wait for the most high-probability trades at the best time of day, and my trading has improved dramatically. Our trading room is friendly, the price is right, and we all have fun making money.

  5. A.S.

    If your ‘Why’ is to grow your account and make money – then this is your ‘How’.

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