Morning Trend Trader

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The Morning Trend Trader is a Metatrader4 Expert Adviser trading program that auto-trades the EUR/USD.  Using a variety of moving averages and MACD indicators, this trading program looks for a mathematical indication of trend activity starting at 9 am London time, ending at 12:30 pm New York time.

Once the trade is opened there will be one of three outcomes. If momentum continues pushing the trade forward, it will take profit at 36 pips.  If momentum slows it automatically closes the trade, which could result in a small win or small loss. Maximum stop loss is -25 pips, but it trails the stop once to protect profit when the position becomes profitable.

The Morning Trend Trader will run January 15th through November 15, avoiding the unfavorable market conditions through the end of the year.

2024 is the debut year for this trading program.

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