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Simply Combo Indicator

Simply Combo Indicator


This indicator helps you follow the repeatable patterns of trends and ranges. It can be applied to any currency pair or MT4 symbol, and any time frame. According to the Combo Trading method, it mathematically identifies the patterns of trends and ranges. This indicator illustrates points of entry on the chart, profit targets, and stop losses where applicable. It also pops up labels to identify when price is currently in a good position for a point of entry. Customize the inputs, fonts, and colors to suit you.

The Simply Combo Indicator is and invaluable, reliable, mathematical tool for keeping you in line with solid objective information about the market based on repeatable patterns.

The one-time fee includes yearly updates.


The Simply Combo Indicator is an indicator program that will run on the MetaTrader4 platform.

This indicator can be placed on any MT4 chart, any time frame. A large selection of inputs allows the user to change the way it appears and how sensitive it is to change in market conditions.

One time fee includes yearly updates.


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