My Trading Valentine

You make yourself vulnerable when you choose a Valentine, because there is no guarantee your sentiment will be returned.

Choosing a Valentine is like choosing a trade.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for your risk. And yet, something compels us to choose.

I’m thinking about how it all started.

When we were in kindergarten, we learned to choose a Valentine by giving everyone in the class a Valentine’s Day card. That’s kind of like when we first learned to trade Forex and we wanted to take all the trades. How cute.

By the time we were 16, we learned to put a little more effort into choosing a Valentine. You remember what it was like! There were consequences. We had to weigh the risk of embarrassment against the reward of having a Valentine say yes! That’s kind of like finishing your first 3 books on trading Forex, and attempting to reduce risk by limiting trading to 5 strategies on 10 currency pairs. That’s a 16-year-old for ya!

Today, in your state of perfect maturity at the age of … mmmm mmmm … (you fill in the blank), you might choose your Valentine the way you choose your trade.

In all the world of trading there are many strategies, many time frames for analysis, many symbols for trading, and many hours in the day. But, your Valentine is the one good trade you take today. It’s the same one you took yesterday, and you know you’re going to take it again tomorrow. Now that’s love.

Trading Valentine

EUR/USD Combo-Hopper, will you be my Valentine?

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By the way, if you need help identifying trade setups, check out Jennifer's trading group. Before long, the patterns will be popping out for you, too!