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The Button

The Button

$27.00 / year

The Button is a semi-automated program that allows you to automate trading and other daily tasks with the click of a button directly from your MetaTrader4 charts. Hopper/MACD trading strategies include the Hopper, Trigger Finger, Reverse Trigger Finger, Combo-Hopper and Monday Trade Hopper. (You can refer to the Glossary for descriptions of these strategies.) Click a button to turn on whichever strategy you want to run, and The Button program will watch for you and open or close (or both) the trade according to your inputs.

There are also buttons that will automate other tasks such such as calculate stop loss or profit target based on current market conditions, draw or erase missed pivot points that may be future targets, set or change stop loss and profit target orders, and more.

There are 11 interactive buttons with a wide range of customizations to make the buttons look the way you want on your charts, as well as support your trading ideas.

The Buttons:

  • MACD Close
  • Hopper
  • Reverse Trigger Finger
  • Trigger Finger
  • Combo-Hopper
  • Monday Trade
  • Stop-And-Reverse
  • Show Missed Pivots
  • Measured Stop Loss
  • Measured Profit Target
  • Set Stop Profit


Expert Advisor program for MetaTrader4. The user can click on a button to activate automation on demand. Once this automated program has accomplished its task, it turns itself off until the user clicks to activate the program again. This is best used as tool to assist the live trader who wants automation, but not all the time. When the user decides on an impending setup, clicking the respective button allows the program to take over watching price and will open or close the trade according to the strategy.

Other buttons conveniently automate non-trading tasks with a click to save time.


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