How to Interpret the Moving Average in Forex Trading

A moving average indicator in forex trading is a line in the sand, if you will. It allows you to estimate whether a significant looking movement in price action is likely to continue or reverse.

I’ll show you how to interpret the this, helping you estimate whether the market is likely to keep its direction, or reverse soon.

On this 15 minute chart, price covered a distance of 50+ pips from a high above the MA (moving average) to a low below the MA in just 3 bars. I now have an idea which way to expect price to go next.

Jennifer Forex MA Price Action Before 864px

Look at this type of price action above and below the moving average indicator in a short period of time. Would you expect price to continue dropping or reverse and go back up?

As I interpret the moving average indicator in this trade, I expect that price will reverse and go back up. The reason is – when it’s been less than 30 bars of time since price was on the opposite side of the moving average, I expect “range” behavior, not continuation in one direction. Here’s what happened next:

Jennifer Forex MA Price Action After 864px

In contrast, expect price to continue in one direction (and not reverse) when it holds its position above or below the MA for 30 bars of time.

The next time price makes an aggressive swing through your favorite moving average in a short period of time, you’ll confidently anticipate the reversal!

Beyond moving averages

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Happy Charting!

Jennifer has been trading Forex since 2001. She developed a strategy to anticipate market movements based on repeatable patterns seen in every market.

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