HopperMACD For MT4

A custom MACD indicator to use on Metatrader4 charts.

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HopperMACD Indicator

The MACD indicator is freely available on most charting platforms. Since Metatrader4 does not offer the standard version, I built my own!

By default, you will get the standard MACD display, but you can also set up to 3 Hopper Strategy markers.

What’s The Hopper Strategy?

I created a strategy for using the MACD indicator to identify change in market conditions when it comes to direction and momentum in price movement. The MACD keeps track of change by calculating the difference between current prices and historic prices. It sees what price is doing right now as compared to what price was doing on average a little while ago, allowing it to make signals for change in the moment.

Because the market moves as humans do, with regular repeatable patterns and schedules, we can see when activity is starting, when it’s ending, and when we need the passage of time to reset the process.

Where can I learn more about the Hopper Strategy?

You can visit the glossary to get descriptions of The Hopper signals.

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Download the indicator program file.

Click the button above to download the HopperMACD indicator file.

Copy and paste the file into your Metatrader4 platform.

The file is compressed into a zipped folder. Double-click and extract the program file from the zipped folder.

Copy the file.

From your MT4 charts, click File<Open Data Folder<MQL4<Indicators.

Paste the file into this Indicators folder. Close the window.

Refresh or restart your MT4 platform, and then the new HopperMACD indicator is ready to use from your list of custom indicators.

Turn on the Hopper Markers.

Open the HopperIndicator properties.

Set any of the Hopper signals you want to true, and see them displayed as dots on the MACD window on your charts.

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