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    Hey folks!

    I’m Dave, and I’m happy to be here with you all!

    What is the “Psychology Corner”, you may ask? Really it’s up to us to decide, but I see it as just a place for us to hang out and talk about anything and everything related to the psychology of trading forex. And if you’ve traded for more than 10 minutes you know how big a role psychology and mindset can play in the work we do when we’re in front of our charts! ;) You could have the most rock-solid technical trading strategy in the universe but, before you know it, in short order forex will open wide the doors to our inner emotional demons and irrational thinking and next thing you know you’re feeling like all hope is lost and wondering if you were bananas for ever even thinking you might be able to figure this all out in the first place! From struggles to successes, as well as tips, tricks, strategies, suggestions, challenges — you name it — it’s all open for discussion here. So feel free to chime in any time with any thoughts at all about how we can best “get out of our own way” from a psychological standpoint and maximize our trading results.

    About me: While I don’t have any formal training in “trading pscyhology” per se, I do have a masters degree in clinical psychology and have been working as a therapist (Licensed mental health counselor) for many years. I am currently in a program to get my Coaching certification as well. It’s been amazing to me to witness how the kinds of strategies I use everyday in my work have been helpful for me and others in turning the corner from struggling, disillusioned, inconsistent trading hobbyist to someone who is more confident, disciplined, consistent, successful, and firmly established on the path toward trading professional.

    My work with Jennifer over the past couple of years has helped tremendously in my journey of figuring out how to get into a much better “headspace” with my trading, and I’ve seen a lot of positive change and improvement in that time (thanks, Jen! :). One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed is that what bothers us — what we struggle with — in the rest of our lives somehow finds a way to show up in our trading . . . it may not be obvious at first, but if you dig a little you can uncover it and then work toward transforming it in a really useful way! I see forex trading as a kind of mirror that shows us the best and worst of ourselves in plain, unflinching, stark reality. It’s up to us to decide what we do about what we see in that mirror!

    So let’s talk, let’s have some fun together on this journey, and let’s be there for each other in any way we can.

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