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    Welcome to my website! I’m glad you’re here.

    We are building a community together, where you can find everything you need to succeed in Forex trading.

    Trade Alerts: Find trading ideas, analysis, and live market demonstrations of the patterns on the Trade Alerts pages. I post new trade ideas every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Live Trading Room: Live webinars are available most weeks. You will find a link to register in the top right sidebar of the Education page. We have a fantastic group of traders who have traded together for almost a decade! It’s fun, informative, and accountability helps everyone!

    Programs And Indicators: Custom indicators and trading programs are available for you to use. Don’t miss the new one! HopperDirectX is a double-hopper strategy that is designed to find trending market environments, and also identifies and labels range behavior. There are many ways to use these mathematical tool. You will find training videos available in the Education pages.

    Education – I publish new lessons each month. I’ve been trading for 20 years, and I have so much to share with you from my experience.

    This forum is a place where you can find, start and participate in discussions about trading. Day trading can be lonely, but not anymore. Get in here and help us keep the great conversations going!

    Psychology Corner With Dave: Look for Dave on the forum. Dave knows a lot of about trading, and he is also a great guy to talk to when it comes to understanding the psychological side of trading Forex. He works in psychology by profession, and he has created his own strategies for setting a mindset for trading. If you’re working on the psychological side of your trading skills, drop by Dave’s Corner. Your personality is pre-loaded with strengths and weaknesses. It’s time to make them all work for you rather than against you.

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