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    Hi! I’m Jennifer. I’m the leader of this online trading community, and I’m excited to be here with you!
    I spend my time studying charts, trading, and writing lessons to share with other traders like you.

    For me, trading is journey. Every year I learn something new, which is pretty amazing since I have traded basically the same strategy for more than ten years, using simple strategies with the MACD and 2 moving averages! I keep getting better at anticipating the repeatable portion of the patterns, and I continue learning new ways to limit risk, quit while I’m ahead, and be clear about what I want from my trades.

    I’m from California, but right now I’m living all over the United States. I got wheels with a camper, so now I can go anywhere! I’m not always on the road, but you might find me tuning in from California, Texas, Montana, North Carolina, New York, and everywhere in between.

    My favorite trades right now happen during the first half of the U.S. session on the EUR/USD short-time frame charts. For myself, I generally look for 20 pips, 3 days a week. That is not to say I can’t get more, or shouldn’t take less… It’s just what I’m enjoying right now. This happens relatively easily most weeks, and it allows me the time to do all the other things I want to do.

    My other hobbies include spending time with Sedrick, my standard poodle; hiking every mountain trail I can find; and knitting awesome sweaters and socks! I have 3 grown daughters who I spend time with as often as possible. My besties live in Texas and North Carolina, and I love cooking. I believe success comes from positivity and fortitude. That’s all you need to get from here to there. It’s kind of an updated version of “where there’s a will there’s a way!”

    Drop me a message and say hi. I look forward to learning more about you, so be brave and introduce yourself too.

    Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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    ben blue

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    Hi Jen, I’m Ben!

    Doug Charles

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    Hello Jennifer,
    My name is Doug. I’ve been trading for a few years. I found forex kinda by accident while trying to get a real estate venture off the ground. Most of the ‘few years’, I’ve been an ‘over the road’ trucker. I tryed to mesh both trucking and trading; some days hitting the mark and sometimes not. I am a Hoosier.
    I found you while perusing you tube. Wow, this girl’s onto something! I remember binge watching your videos until I had to drive again.
    I learned a ton from your Successful Trader Class. I’m so grateful somehow your content found me.
    Trading from a phone I thought would have been a hit, then months into it, I discovered the indicator and the MA were off a hair too much! I was a bit disappointed.
    Probably the biggest take away from your course… find the absolute easiest part of the trade, fill your bag and go. I also know I have much to learn. Forex trading is my first love.
    My hobbies include getting back into shape, trucking took a toll on my body{hips}. Making my property completely self-sufficient, splitting firewood, reading the Bible, learning, rubik’s cube and cooking simple. I often amaze myself with the last one. Yes, I live in the sticks!
    I too have 3 kids, they live about an hour away. We get together when we can.
    One of the top reasons I trade. I don’t have to buy anything from anyone or sell anything to anyone.
    Trading is indeed a journey and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. I don’t own a T.V., I stare at charts. I’ll watch a movie from this laptop.
    Thank you for putting this together and being there to help us along when we hit a snag.

    Very Respectfully

    David Kessler

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    Hi Jen, hi everyone,

    I’m Dave, originally from NY but have been living outside Boston for the past 12 years or so. I first became fascinated by (obsessed with!?) forex in 2000/2001, but didn’t actually start trading until around 5 years ago after seeing a guy in a Panera cafe staring at charts one day. We struck up a conversation and became friends, and he convinced me forex was something “real people” could do and actually make money with. So I was all in! I’ve bounced around from teacher to teacher, strategy to strategy, etc. (like most folks, I guess) and pretty much floundered until I started up with Jennifer about a year and a half ago. It’s been like a light switch going on!

    When I’m not staring at charts or working my other job I’m pretty much always looking for other new things to learn (lately Italian, drawing/painting, and coaching!) — I’m a “life-long-learner” as they say and very curious by nature. Exploring new things/places/ideas lights me up like almost nothing else. I love music and play a little guitar and drums, I like motorcycles, hiking and other outdoor fitness type activities, and always try to make time for close friends and family get togethers (not easy lately, but I guess Zoom is an ok alternative, lol!) Oh and I’m forever in search of “the perfect pizza” (yes, I admit it, I’m one of those “NY pizza snobs” haha!

    Take care for now all, and happy trading! Great to be here :)

    – Dave

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